How to Get Yellow Stains out of White Shirts Permanently: 7 Cheap Home Remedies

Jul, 05 2024
Posted by Ashley Aldrin
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Yellow stains typically come from sweat and body oils reacting with the fabric. Check out simple and cheap home remedies to get yellow stains out of white shirts effectively.
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    Stubborn yellow stains on white shirts typically come from sweat, deodorant, body oils reacting with the fabric. The good news is that you can completely learn how to remove yellow stains out of white shirts permanently by taking advantage of  simple home remedies, such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and lemon juice. This breaks down and gets rid of yellow stains, and restores your shirts to their original brightness.

    Scroll down till the end to find effective hacks that help you save your favorite white shirts effortlessly. 

    Let’s dive into!

    Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Method

    Baking soda and hydroxide peroxide for removing yellow stains on white shirts
    Baking soda and hydroxide peroxide for removing yellow stains on white shirts

    Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is an effective combination that helps you to get yellow stains caused by sweat and deodorant. 

    You simply mix enough equal parts of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, then dampen the stained area of your shirt in cold water. Use the mix you’ve just created to apply to the yellow stains and use a toothbrush to rub gently. You need to leave paste on the stain at least half an hour before rinse it in cold water and wash the shirt again with mild detergent.


    ✔️ Effective to remove sweat yellow stains out of white shirts

    ✔️ Household ingredients

    ✔️ Safe for most fabrics 


    • Cause fading if used excessively
    • Stubborn stains may not work.

    Dish Soap and Baking Soda

    Dish soap and baking soda are inexpensive household products that you can use to get yellow stains for an amazing result to restore your favorite white shirts. The combination works best for greasy shirt stains and old yellow stains.

    You take a tablespoon of dish soap with 2 tablespoons of baking soda (mixing ratio 1:2) to form a paste. Next, you apply the paste directly to the stained area and scrub gently with a toothbrush. Leave the mix of dish soap and baking soda within 30 minutes before you rinsing the stained area and wash it again with detergent. 


    ✔️ Common household ingredients

    ✔️ Safe method for most fabrics

    ✔️ Get rid of odors and stains 

    ✔️ Cheap


    • Not ideal for tough yellow stains 
    • Baking soda  may leave a residue if not rinsed thoroughly

    Vinegar Solutions

    Vinegar solutions for getting yellow stains our of white shirts - home remediies
    Vinegar solutions for getting yellow stains our of white shirts - home remediies

    Vinegar is also a great home remedy solution for you to deal with perspiration and deodorant stains, especially on white shirts. White vinegar can remove sweat yellow stains effectively due to its mild acidity that can dissolve mineral deposits and body oils that lead to yellow stains. You’ll try a 1:2 mixing ratio for white vinegar and water and soak the stained area of your shirt in the solution for around 30 minutes. Scrub the stain with a toothbrush and rinse it with cold water.

    In addition, you can try mixing half a cup of salt with a cup of white vinegar in water. Leave the stained area in the solution at least an hour and continue scrubbing with a toothbrush and wash the shirt again as usual.


    ✔️ Gentle on most fabric

    ✔️ Natural ingredients

    ✔️ Get rid of odors and stains 

    ✔️ Cheap


    • Strong smell from vinegar
    • May not effective on older or tough stains

    Lemon Juice Method

    The natural juice acidity of lemon juice  can break down and bleach the stains, such as yellow stains, which is an excellent solution to remove fresh and older stained areas on your white shirts.

    To get rid of yellow stains on your shirt, you’ll apply lemon juice to the stained area directly. A pinch of salt is recommended to mix with lemon juice if you’re dealing with stubborn stains. Leave the lemon juice on the stain for at least half an hour and rise the areas with cold water. Finally, you launder your white shirt as usual with mild detergent.


    ✔️ Good to brighten white shirts

    ✔️ Remove odors and yellow stains effectively

    ✔️ Natural ingredients


    • May weaken fabric if left too long

    Aspirin Solution

    Using aspirin solution - home remedies - how to get yellow stain out of white shirts
    Using aspirin solution - home remedies - how to get yellow stain out of white shirts 

    Looking for cheap and effective home remedies to remove annoying yellow stains out of white shirts? Aspirin is a must-try household product to say goodbye to stains without damaging the fabric. You’ll mix 3-5 aspirin tablets with enough water to create a thick paste and apply it directly to the yellow stains. The paste stays on the stained area of your white shirt for 1 to 2 hours, then rinses the area with water. 


    ✔️ Effective for rough stains

    ✔️ Gentle on most fabrics


    • May not be always available at home

    Oxiclean Powder

    The powerful oxygen-based formula of Oxiclean is particularly effective for removing yellow stains caused by sweat, deodorant, and other organic materials. You use a scoop of  Oxiclean powder to warm water. Let the stained area stay in the solution for 1 to 6 hours, which depends on the severity of the stains. Please ensure the stain area is fully covered in the solution.

    After soaking, you rinse the shirt with cold water and use regular detergent to wash your shirt again. 


    ✔️ Work best on even tough and set-in yellow stains

    ✔️ Easy to use and available in most stores.

    ✔️ Safe for most fabrics 


    • More expensive compared to other household remedies above.
    • Not a natural solution.

    Denture Tablets

    Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning denture tablets when it comes to good solutions for getting yellow  stains out of white shirts. Mild bleaching agents and effervescent properties in the denture tablets works well for removing stains on shirts without causing any damages to the fabrics. 

    Start with dissolving up to 4 denture tablets in warm water and submerge the stained shirt in the solution from 8 to 12 hours. After soaking, you  rinse and wash the shirt as usual. 


    ✔️ Safe to work on most fabrics. 

    ✔️ Cheap and easy to find

    ✔️ Effective for removing yellow stains on shirts


    • Time-consuming soaking for best results.

    Bonus Tips for Removing Yellow Stains out of White Shirts Permanently

    Please say NO with hot water before and after the stained shirt is removed. Remember to use cold water to rinse and soak the stained area to prevent stains from bonding more deeply with the fabric fibers. 

    It’s essential to deal with yellow stains on your white shirt as soon as possible because fresh stains are much easier to remove with home remedies effectively. Once the fabric is set into the fabric, you’ll need more treatments that may cost and difficult to get tough yellow stains out of your white shirts. 

    From my experience for removing stains on clothes, I recommend you to test any remedies on an inconspicuous area first. This minimizes the risk of damaging the stained area of your shirts or any discoloration. 

    No matter the home remedies you use to get yellow stains out of your white shirts, keep these things in mind before starting working on the stained shirt to maintain the brightness and longevity of your favorite item.

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    Is vinegar or baking soda better for stains?

    Both vinegar and baking soda are effective home remedies to deal with different types of clothing stains. While baking soda works best for deodorant and sweat stains, vinegar is ideal for removing yellow stains caused by body oils. You may combine vinegar and baking soda to dissolve the stained area of your white shirts for best results.

    Should I use straight vinegar or distilled vinegar to remove stains?

    You should use white vinegar solution to get rid of stains, especially yellow stains on shirts to avoid leaving residues that may damage the fabric.

    How long do you leave baking soda and vinegar on a stain?

    Half an hour is an ideal time that is long enough for a combination of baking soda and vinegar to break down the stains on the shirt. Remember to gently scrub the area,rinse with cold water, and wash as usual.

    Does laundry stripping remove yellow stains?

    Yes. Soaking your stained shirt in a mixture of hot water, borax, washing soda, and detergent can lift yellow stains from fabrics and restore your white shirt to its original brightness. 

    Does rubbing alcohol remove yellow stains?

    Rubbing alcohol is suitable to remove several types of yellow stains that are caused by oil-based substances. The effectiveness also varies by the type and severity of the stain. 

    Will rubbing alcohol discolor a shirt?

    Yes. So you should test rubbing alcohol on a visible area first to see if any discoloration occurs or not. If not, you can use it to get yellow stains out of white shirts. 

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