Relaxed Fit vs Regular Fit Shirt: Key Differences Explained

Jun, 10 2024
Posted by Ashley Aldrin
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The article explains the difference between relaxed fit and regular fit shirt that may help you always find new desired custom t-shirts perfectly on our website.
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    Do you have any idea when the words “relaxed fit shirt” or “regular fit shirt” come across in the titles of certain new favorite t-shirts you’re surfing online? What’s really the difference between a relaxed fit and regular fit shirt

    Let’s dive right to find your answer today! We ensure that this article will help you find it easier to buy a favorite t-shirt online effortlessly.

    Relaxed Fit vs Regular Fit Shirt: Definition 

    Regular Fit Shirt: 

    wearing regular fit t-shirts
    Wearing regular fit t-shirts

    As explained in an earlier article, regular t-shirts are essential staples in any wardrobe because of its excellent versatility for casual wear and comfort. A regular fit shirt can be worn for any occasion with a neat look but still keep you stay comfortable because it is not too tight or too loose. 

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    Relaxed Fit Shirt:

    Wearign relaxed fit t-shirts
    Wearign relaxed fit t-shirts

    Unlike regular fit shirts, a relaxed fit shirt tends to be more laid-back with a looser design that offers extra room for chest, and waist and boasts a boxier silhouette. The relaxed fit prioritizes comfort and ease of movement. Hence, this style is a nice choice for casual or leisure wear rather than formal settings. 

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    Difference between a Relaxed Fit and a Regular Fit

    There are several outstanding points that set a relaxed fit apart from a regular fit shirt. Check the comparison table below to find out different points between two fit types of shirts. 


    Relaxed Fit

    Regular Fit


    Looser cut with extra room around chest, waist, and arms.

    Moderately fitted, following the natural shape of the body.


    Often made from softer, more breathable fabrics.

    Can be made from a variety of fabrics, including both casual and dressier materials.

    Shoulder & Sleeve Fit

    Wider shoulders and roomier sleeves for a relaxed silhouette.

    Shoulders fit more closely to the natural shoulder line, with moderately fitted sleeves.

    Length & Hem

    Slightly longer hem to enhance the relaxed look.

    Standard length, suitable for tucking in or leaving untucked.


    Provides greater ease of movement and higher comfort, ideal for casual wear.

    Balances comfort with a more tailored look, suitable for various settings.


    Best suited for casual, informal occasions with a laid-back style.

    Versatile for both casual and semi-formal occasions, offering a neat appearance.

    Relaxed Fit vs Regular Fit Shirt: What to wear

    What to wear with relaxed fit or regular fit shirt
    What to wear with relaxed fit or regular fit shirt

    Both relaxed fit and regular fit t-shirts are versatile to pair with other staples in your wardrobe, such as jeans, midi skirts, shorts, and jackets and accessorize with eyeglasses, sneakers, necklaces, and more. However, this creates different overall looks when you wear a relaxed fit or a regular fit t-shirt. Remember that relaxed fit shirts are perfect for informal settings like casual dates or relaxed workplaces while regular fit shirts are more tailored and ideal for different occasions. It is more like a smart casual look when you layer a regular fit shirt under a blazer with trousers. 

    So if you are wondering what to wear and when to wear your relaxed fit or regular fit shirt, let’s take your preferences, the occasion, and comfort into consideration. 

    Find your size with our size guide to add perfect custom designs to your wardrobe and express your personality through what you wear everyday. 

    Conclusion: Relaxed Fit vs Regular Fit Shirt - Which is better?

    There is no a better choice to choose when it comes to relaxed fit vs regular fit shirts. It depends on personal tastes and occasions. Understanding the differences between the relaxed fit and regular fit also matters when you shop online. Remember that whether you opt for the relaxed fit or regular fit shirt, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear.

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    Most Asked Questions

    How does a relaxed fit shirt fit?

    A relaxed fit shirt typically  has a broader cut through the chest, waist, and arms, which help you move easier and more comfortable. So the overall look of a relaxed fit shirt is less structured and the silhouette is more boxy  when it is compared to other fit types of shirts like regular fit shirts.

    Should I size down with a relaxed fit shirt?

    The answer is no. You shouldn’t size down with a relaxed fit shirt if you want the shirt to be more fitted. These shirts are designed to be loose and comfortable, so you should choose the right size with the size chart. Sizing down may affect its relaxed look and reduce ease of movement as a result. However, you may size up a relaxed fit shirt if you want a more relaxed style for your preferences. 

    Is relaxed fit bigger than regular fit?

    Relaxed fit shirts are pretty looser than regular fit. A relaxed fit gives more space in areas of shirts, typically the chest, waist, and sleeves to be looser. Whilst, a regular fit shirt is designed to follow the body’s natural shape with slightly tapered waist for a balanced and polished look.

    Does relaxed fit good for skinny guys?

    Relaxed fit shirt is a great choice for slim guys because it is not too baggy. However, it is up to your styling with other staples for an overall look and the specific occasion you’re in. Consider choosing the right size to not be oversize for skinny guys. They can pair a relaxed fit shirt with fitted buttons to create a balance for a complete look. 

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